8/1/19- Important update to office hours

Hi everyone!

As we get ready to have a new baby, we are making some changes to optimize our future lives.

Starting next week, all of our morning shifts (M-Th) will be from 10 am – 1:15pm. Please feel free to come all the way up to 1:15pm. I do not plan on leaving until close to 1:30pm. This change will allow me to pick Max up from school a few days per week and to go home for lunch to give Sarah a break and be with our new baby on Tuesday and Thursday.

We will also be going through our face cloth holders and removing any tags for people who have not been in in some time.

Finally, be on the look out for a possible re organization of the entraining room. We are experimenting with a few different layouts and will see if we like any of them better than our current layout.

See below for more information on upcoming epienergetic events.

The gate is a great entry point to the event world. At the gate you receive 5 Network sessions by some of the top entraining staff in the world as well as group exercises. The gate happens to be at the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center which conveniently has a water park in it.

The AWE event is a great entry point to Donny events. At the AWE you are worked on by Donny exclusivly.
Click here to get more information and register.
The next Transformational Gate is at the end of this month in Denver, CO. At this hallmark EpiEnergetics community gathering you will develop, experience, and explore your unique spinal wave that awakens, enlivens, and heals. Non-authentic nervous system and spinal patterns are replaced by your authentic healing signature. Experience the 12 Stages of Healing coupled with extraordinary awakening. Formerly exclusively available to those actively in NetworkSpinal Care, this program is now also available for seekers wanting to discover the sheer magic of the body’s wisdom and life’s unfolding! This weekend is a MUST for seekers to know, understand, and optimize their bodies and the organizing energies that fuel us all. More than seventy thousand participants from six continents have come through The Gate. See you on the other side!
AWE announecd for October!
For Seekers wishing to hack the energetic code of your incarnation. You can be part of an intimate group that will experience EpiExchange, an energetic method created and exclusively provided by Donny Epstein. Through talks, exercises and table sessions we will go beyond experiencing energy in the field and actually begin to form personal Energy Houses in the fields of attendees!  At AWE, by helping link the forces of creation through your field, you will actually experience EpiField Exchange. Beyond change or personal development you can exchange your organizing EpiField and be a higher, more congruent, more authentic and effective version of YOU. You will forever alter your concepts of what is possible at this life-changing weekend of AWE.

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