Levels of pain in the Epienergetic model

At Next Level Chiropractic, in Dallas, Texas, we focus on correcting subluxations to allow for a fuller expression of life as well as on upgrading the Human Operating System (the Nervous System) which allows positive change to be more sustainable.

So what is a “subluxation”- it is a Chiropractic term meaning “less light.” In this case, light equates to energy and life force, and the flow of these into our bodies through our nervous systems.

So Chiropractic at its roots is all about increasing light and connection to the Universal Intelligence.

Chiropractic is also great with helping with pain.

Pain is a message from your body to pay attention and/or to change something. Pain is always associated with a “net loss” of energy , but it can also lead us to growth and healing. 

Chronic pain often comes from long term misalignments in posture or biomechanics which usually come from unprocessed stresses. 

Network Spinal care can help with pain by assisting in the healing or process past stresses which lead to chronic misalignment. 

Here is a bit more on pain from the Epienergetic perspective:

There are levels of pain associated with different Energetic Intelligences; each type of pain is manifested as physical pain and get progressively worse.

Pain associated with Bioenergetic and Emotional Intelligences is the lowest level of pain and comes from trying to avoid pain or uncomfortable situations.

The next level of pain is associated with the lower mind and revolves around not being able to cope, manage or control life circumstances. Increasing energy levels and efficiency can help to see multiple perspectives helping with this type of pain.

Next, is the pain associated with the upper mental intelligence and involves not making enough progress or not making progress fast enough. I.e. “I thought I would be further along by now…” Changing or upgrading your sense of self helps at this level and below.

The last and most intense level of pain is associated with the Soul Intelligence, This pain comes from not knowing why you are here/your gifts and/or not being able to share or receive gifts with others.

All pain has a meaning if we are open to receiving it- this DOES NOT mean that it is fun or feels good. Pain sucks in the moment. This part is easy to be aware of and acknowledge, but often is harder to accept. Accepting that you have pain and that it sucks and that something good can come from it is easier said than done but well worth it.

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