Network entrainments and emotions.

Have you ever wondered why we hold some contacts for longer than others?
When we hold a contact and have you lift or stretch an area of your neck or sacrum/pelvis we are most likely working with your emotional intelligence.
Muscle tension is often related to stored emotional stress. So in an oversimplified version, we are helping your nervous system process stored emotional stress. This allows the energy that was tied up in muscle tension/ stored emotional stress to be re directed in a more beneficial manner.
The emotional intelligence is pre-rational or before the mind. Emotions are meant to be felt and processed within a few moments. When we use our minds to think our emotions instead of actually feeling them, we end up with concepts of emotions instead of actual emotions. These concepts tend to stick around a lot longer than actual emotions, and this is one way emotional energy gets stored in our bodies/ muscles.
If you have emotions come up after an entrainment or in life in general, we invite you to feel them and not think about them. A formula taught by Donny Epistein that can help with this is AAA. First you need to be aware of the emotion. Then you need to acknowledge the emotion. Finally, you need to accept the emotion. This will allow the energy to move instead of getting stuck/ stored. (this formula works for lots of things).

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