Do you sit on your wallet? Don’t contribute to your shift

At Next Level Chiropractic we check for and correct NeuroStructral shifts. That is a fancy way to say we check to see if the foundation of your body (your spine), has shifted due to a shift in your Nervous system (electrical system). You can find out more information about NeuroStructral shifts here. Shifts in your spine affect your whole body just as shift in the foundation of your house will affect the whole house. We specially check for and correct both A-P (front to back) shifts as well as lateral shifts in your spine.

In a lateral shift your pelvis or hips will be misaligned causing a high hip on one side and low hip on the other side. This might give you the appearance of one leg being shorter than the other or give you chronic low back pain with or without pain in your gluteus and down your leg. One of the ways we measure and evaluate for lateral shifts is by checking to see if you carry your weight evenly on both legs. Often times people initially have weight balance discrepancies in the 10-15 lbs range and not be able to feel it. If you can imagine the extra wear and tear that happens if your car is out of alignment, you can imagine the extra wear and tear on your body that a lateral shift can cause over time.
When you sit on your wallet or phone you are essentially inducing a lateral shift in your spine. Over time, the repetitive stress of basically sitting on a wedge will induce a more permeant shift in your spine that will stay even after you are no longer on the wedge/ wallet. This happens as the muscles of your lower body being to tighten and adapt to this new structure.

We recommend keeping your wallet in your front pocket and taking it out of your pockets when you are driving or at work. Life has enough stress to throw at us without us consciously contributing to our shift. We hope this helps and wish you the best.

Homer and Sarah
Dallas’s premier Network Spinal Analysis practitioners


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