The Season of Discover into The Season of Transform

A common misconception is that we graduate from discover care. This is not the case , especially in todays world.

Americans are under an enormous amount of stress each and every day. From finances, traffic, sitting too much, emails, texts, relationships, toxins in our food water and air, and the list goes on and on. The human body was never designed to experience so much on such an ongoing basis.

Discover care helps us process our daily stress. When that happens that energy can go into Transform or Awaken instead of weighing us down/keeping our system in fight or flight. For these reasons, we will usually make at least a few discover contacts during each entrainment. These contacts help to liberate bound energy to be used for transform and awaken care. 

Transform starts with frustration that the problem/issue keeps coming back. It is at this point that we decide that we are done with a particular pattern. We say enough of this or feel like we need to take our power back. At this point we are moving away from an old pattern or way of being.

This leads us to middle to late transform where we feel ready to take on what’s next, even if we do not necessarily know what next is. This is a crucial point as we start to move towards something new rather than away from something old. This allows for a greater bandwidth of energy aka more transformation to happen. We build more and more momentum until we reach a breakthrough.

The season of transform is all about having both your conscious and your subconscious mind working on solutions/ optimization. This is in contrast to discover where it is all about finding the problem or what is not working.

On the table, you might notice us holding contacts longer and/or deeper. We might ask you to lift or stretch a particular part of your body, and you also might feel like spontaneously lifting/ stretching/moving parts of your body. Your muscles will start to engage in a wave like motion allowing for further reorganaztion. 

Discover what to expect when you start Network care.

From any single entrainment, your body will process past (distant and recent) stress/ trauma. Your body will adjust itself as it releases built up tension. Some muscles will relax while others might fire more as your body realigns itself both globally and segmentally. You might feel a sense of calm or relaxation as your system moves more towards a parasympathetic state.

This effect magnifies over time as you receive more entrainments.

Over the course of time, the reorganizational effect of Network comes more into play, and so do the seasons of wellbeing. (The seasons of wellbeing are Discover, Transform, Awaken, and Integrate) The reorganizational effect describes the “leveling up” of the Nervous System (aka The Human Operating System) using stored stress as the fuel.

People new in Network care typically experience the season of Discover first. In Discover, you begin to notice the respiratory wave (large breath during entrainments) and unwinding of connective tissue via large muscle movements.

You also begin to notice recurring patterns in your life that are not working anymore. You find areas of your body and life that are not working or have problems. Towards the end of the season of discover, you start to recognize your role in the reoccurrence of the pattern, and you take personal responsibility for the way things are. You often feel stuck/frustrated which helps build the fuel needed for the breakthrough into Transform.

Link to Donny Epistein video on Relationships

For those that missed it or wanted to watch again, here is a link to Donny’s interactive about relationships.

Interview with Voyage Dallas

Check out this interview we did with voyagedallas.

How Network Spinal helps you grow. The catalyst effect

Last week we discussed the 2 modes/ orientations our autonomic nervous system has and how Network Spinal helps you return to the non- stress mode. We talked about how this non stress mode allows for growth and evolution to happen in your Nervous System and life.
This week we will discuss how some of this growth happens. Network Spinal is a catalyst for growth/healing. Sometimes this shows up in seemingly unrelated areas of life. As your Nervous System operates more and more in the growth or non-stress mode, your autopilot interrupts the same life situations differently. Where your auto pilot saw things as threats, you might now see opportunity. This would let you have different emotions and thoughts. This means that you may be open to new things or view points. You might have additional perspectives or options pop into your thoughts.
Some things we heard this week at Next Level related to this topic:My posture looks better because I have not been eating out as much.
This person had a significant change on their 1st posture re exam to where their belly was not sticking out anymore. They attributed this change to them not eating out as much since they started care. This was a great chance to explain the catalyst effect. In stress mode, our Brains have more activity in the old animal part, or the limbic system. This part is pain/pleasure driven and operates in the now. There is no logical forward thinking. In growth or non-stress mode, there is more activity and blood flow to the pre frontal cortex. This is our higher thinking logical brain that helps us makes good long term choices. I was also able to show this person how the curves of their spine were changing to give the postural changes seen on top of weight loss.
We also had someone tell us that they had been craving and eating lots of broccoli after their first entrainment. This craving lasted for about a week. This is another example of change in behavior linked to someone’s nervous system switching modes. In growth mode, we are more connected. This means we are able to pick up on the subtle messages our bodies are sending us. It is harder to pick up on the subtle cues when our bodies are locked in stress mode as our senses our first searching for any threats. Intuitively, this person was deficient in something found in Broccoli, and the craving was their bodies message to correct this.
We had someone say they have a general sense of wellbeing since starting care. Again, this correlates with a nervous system operating in growth or non stress. This will lead to different behaviors if it has not already.
People change diets, workout routines, view points and much more when their orientation switches to growth/healing. Healing and growth are multi factorial. This is the great power of Network- The Catalyst Effect.

Starting Network Spinal care: The Field

When people start care, we often hear things like I don’t understand how I feel better, they didn’t even do any work me. Or I feel better but I’m not sure it was this (the entrainments)- because people have a hard time wrapping their minds around the fact that such light force contacts can do so much.
In fact, we do minimal work to correct your body. Instead we help YOUR BODY do the work required. We also help provide/ liberate the energy required for this work.
The first step in almost every entrainment is to bring your Nervous System, remember we also call this the Human Operating System, to a state of ease or a parasympathetic state. Your level of awareness of both yourself and the subtle energy around you as well as your current state, dictates when you start to feel this effect.
Sometimes people simply feel relaxed after their entrainment and have no awareness of when the shift to ease happens. Other times you may feel waves of change as a large breaths move through your body or your muscles drop temsion during an entrainment. A bit more awareness would allow you to feel this shortly after you lay on the table right before we begin to “work” on you. If you are really aware of the subtle energy around you, you might begin to feel this shift as soon as you walk in the door.
Part of the reason you might feel a response before we begin physically working and the reason we are able to use such light contacts, is the we leverage the free energy of The Field.
More about this over the coming weeks as we kick off a new year of educational newsletters. We invite you to pay attention during your next entrainment to see when you first notice the waves of change as your HOS shifts from stress to ease.

Network entrainments and emotions.

Have you ever wondered why we hold some contacts for longer than others?
When we hold a contact and have you lift or stretch an area of your neck or sacrum/pelvis we are most likely working with your emotional intelligence.
Muscle tension is often related to stored emotional stress. So in an oversimplified version, we are helping your nervous system process stored emotional stress. This allows the energy that was tied up in muscle tension/ stored emotional stress to be re directed in a more beneficial manner.
The emotional intelligence is pre-rational or before the mind. Emotions are meant to be felt and processed within a few moments. When we use our minds to think our emotions instead of actually feeling them, we end up with concepts of emotions instead of actual emotions. These concepts tend to stick around a lot longer than actual emotions, and this is one way emotional energy gets stored in our bodies/ muscles.
If you have emotions come up after an entrainment or in life in general, we invite you to feel them and not think about them. A formula taught by Donny Epistein that can help with this is AAA. First you need to be aware of the emotion. Then you need to acknowledge the emotion. Finally, you need to accept the emotion. This will allow the energy to move instead of getting stuck/ stored. (this formula works for lots of things).

Face up or face down?

Someone reacently asked why we sometimes have you go back face down after being faceup on the table, and I figured more people might have this currisioty.
Face down care is typically Discover care where you are able to connect to and release stored stresses in your body. Its goal is to add stability to your body/ Nervous System. (Early transform care is also done facedown). If you come in with lots of stored stress/ tension, we will typically work in Discover or discover integrate to increase the ease and flexibility (decrease tension/stress) in your body/Nervous System before potentially going on to work in Transform or Awaken. Discover care helps you process stress to have more fuel for transform and awaken care.
When we have you lay faceup, we are working with either late Transform or Awaken care. The goal of these seasons is radically different than in discover care. These seasons are about growth and making effective change. They add a temporary reorgazational instability to your body/Nervous System. This combined with the new energy your system has from processing stress allows your system to reorganize to a higher level of function. As a practical example of processing stress, think about the energy that goes into holding a muscle spasm being redirected in a more useful way as your body relaxes during an entrainment.
The reason we might have you go back face down, is so we can recheck your spine, muscles and how everything is moving to make sure you are in better shape than when you came in, especially if you experienced a lot of instability or had really big changes in your body that day (ie: came in with a lot of stress in your body.)
As a reminder – instability with a new energy source or more energy = upgrade the system. Instability without a new energy source or more energy= downgrade the system or dis-ease.
If your spine is has large amounts of instability after going back facedown, we will usually do 1 -2 quick discover contacts to help your system organize to a higher level of stability.
Here is a video of Donny talking about the seasons of wellbeing from 2010. Donny is much healthier now than he was in this video.

08/5/19- Respiratory wave

Good morning and Happy Monday,

This is the first week of our new hours. The only things that have changed are that Tuesday and Thursday morning shifts now match Monday and Wednesday, and all morning shifts now go through 1:15pm We ask that you are in the door by 1:15pm to get entrained during the morning shifts. Afternoon hours have not changed.

So why this change?

We have noticed that 1:15pm seems to be a natural cutoff, and that not many people come in from 1:30-2:30pm.
Having different hours on different days was confusing. This will simplify things making it easier to come get entrained.
This will also allow me to go home for lunch Tue and Thur to see our newborn, give Sarah a short break, and pick Max up from extended day a couple days a week. I love being at the office, and being able to go home and come back (instead of staying at the office all day like I had been on T and Th) will allow me to be more energy rich and to provide better care.

Respiratory wave

What is the respiratory wave?
There are 2 waves in Network that carry energy and information through your body. The first is the respiratory or breath wave. This wave allows your Nervous System to become aware of stress and tension stored in your body and begin to release it. It starts at your tail bone and travels all the way up your body to your head and back down, eventually carrying energy and information into the Gateway (where we make contacts) we are working with.

How much of the respiratory wave are you aware of? Do you feel it moving up your spine rocking each bone as it goes? Does it stop or get stuck somewhere? Are you aware of it moving through your neck all the way to the top and back down your spine? Do you feel it go into the gateway and maybe notice a lifting or rocking in your body at the place we made a contact? The more you are aware of, the more you can connect to and release. As Donny says, “You have to feel it to heal it.” This is why you might notice pain that you were unaware of as you lay on the table.

This wave is all about adding stability and ease to your system. It is generally the first thing to develop and that people notice. It usually starts out only moving part of the way up your spine and body and gets bigger/ moves further with repetition. We might ask you tuck your chin or lift part of your body to help the wave progress.

The respiratory wave also drives your parasympathetic system (the rest and digest) and reprograms the way you breath off the table as well. Many people report being more aware of their breath during daily life, and that their breath is deeper of fuller than before starting care. Each of the roughly 20,000 breaths you take each day can make you more or less healthy, and most of these breaths are unconscious. Regular Network care is a great way to make sure that each of the 20,000 breaths you take each day is working for you instead of just keeping you alive. Here is an article on the benefits of deep breathing.

Our Hours for: 8/05/19-8/09/19
Monday- Thursday: 10:00am-1:15pm and 3:30pm-6:00pm
Friday: 3:30pm-6:00pm Our next planned Fri closure is Fri 8/24. **Dr. Jarrett works Friday afternoon**
Have a great week, Your Next Level Team

7/29/19-Going with the Flow vs Making a shift

Good morning and happy Monday,
We are one week closer to having a baby; Sarah’s approximate due date is August 17th! We are hoping for a weekend birth, and we will see how that actually goes 🙂 If we need to close the office suddenly, we will send out an email to everyone and do our best to put a note on the door and change the voicemail.
Go with the flow vs making a shift
“Going with the flow” or “swimming with the current of life” vs. “swimming upstream” is a great way to live life and works conceptually for most people. However, from the view of the Triad of Change (an epienergetic model), there are a group of people that will have a very hard time with concept of “going with the flow.” That group of people would be anyone who typically has a behavior drain. You will know you are one of these people if the concept of “going with the flow” has never made sense to you or never seemed relevant or seemed to work for you.**(see below for a refresher on the triad)
For these people, the concept or idea of flowing will actually drain energy from their overall system. Instead of “flowing”, a good strategy could be to focus on making a shift or even multiple shifts in a row.
For everyone, there will be times when going with the flow will work better and when focusing on shift/s will work better. The goal is to know what works best for you most of the time and to use that to move the same direction / flow as that which the current of life is pulling you.
Respiratory wave
Look for more information on the Respiratory wave and how it changes your spine and life in next weeks email. The respiratory waves are the really big breaths you feel/ take while on the entrainment table, and they do much more than you think.
Have wonderful day and week!
**As a refresher there are 3 sides to the Triad (Perception, structure and behavior), and the idea with the Triad of Change is to know your personal formula to go from energy neutral to energy rich. The triad has 3 parts: The prime which is the initial spark or what comes first to prime the overall system, the keystone which is the way we manage the world or our “auto pilot”, and the drain or the part that drains energy from your system when gone to directly. The ideal order is prime–> keystone–> drain. Done in this order, the energy carries over into the drain to fully fuel your system. This is a simplified explanation.

Our Hours for: 7/29/19-8/02/19
Monday- 10:00am – 1:00pm and 3:30 pm -6:00 pm Tuesday- 11:30am – 2:30pm and 3:30pm-6:00pm
Wednesday-10:00am – 1:00pm and 3:30pm-6:00pm
Thursday: 11:30am – 2:30pm and 3:30pm-6:00pm
Friday:3:30pm-6:00pm Our next planned closures on will be Fri 8/24.
**Dr. Jarrett works Friday afternoon**
Have a great week, Your Next Level Team