8/19/19- Somatopsychic wave

Good morning and happy Monday!
We had a baby–Thank you for all of the love and support! We appreciate all of the emails and texts!!
Meet our newest source of instability. Atlas Sol Johnson was born on Thursday evening 39 hours after Sarah’s water broke. Our hearts are overflowing with love. We are so grateful he decided to join our family. Our dear friends have set up a meal train for us and I have included the link under the photo below if anyone feels drawn to participate or donate gift cards. Please do not feel obligated. I am only including it here since so many of you have asked if we were registered anywhere or if they could get us anything.
Our journey this week was more challenging and rewarding than we could have ever imagined. We were pushed up to and past our breaking points in many ways and were also loved and supported beyond what we could have imagined from friends, family, soul family and even strangers. We are beyond grateful. This week we berthed Atlas Sol Johnson, and in the process Sarah and I were reborn as well.
Somatopsychic wave
Over the last few weeks, we have talked about the respiratory wave. The respiratory wave helps you connect to and release stored stress and stimulates an overall parasympathetic tone in your body and nervous system. This wave creates more stability in your spine and overall system.
The other wave in Network is the somatopsychic wave (sp), and it creates temporary instability. It does this in order to help your spine and overall system reorganize to higher levels of efficiency and function.
This wave is muscular in nature and its job is to carry energy and information (from stored stress processed via the respiratory wave) up and down your spine and from different parts of your body into the gateways we are working with. Essentially it picks ups up newly liberated energy and information as it travels through your body and carries it to the areas where we make contacts. This allows your system to use the energy that was previously bound (as stored stress) to grow, heal and reorganize.
Network helps improve your spine and life by stacking levels of stability and instability during each entrainment and from entrainment to entrainment as described above. We are constantly accessing if your spine needs more stability or instability before each contact we make. Some days your system will require more stability and some days your system will require more instability. If you experience a lot of instability in one session, you will likely need more stability the next session. This is another reason we recommend coming regularly. Imagine cleaning out a closet or garage. At first, things get a little more messy or unstable as you take things out. Later the overall system moves to a higher level of stability as you get rid of things that you no longer need and then put things back in a more efficient/functional way.
In general, the sp wave looks like a sine or ocean wave that moves up and down your spine. The way your individual wave looks and the way you experience this wave depends on your Triad of Change (to be covered later). Some people will have very large or small fluid waves, some people will have large or small jerky or staccato wave and some people will have more of a feeling of a wave. That said, no two persons Network wave is exactly the same. Everyone has a unique wave just like they have a unique fingerprint or gait (the mathematical pattern of the way you walk).
In general, learning something new, getting better at anything or growing as a person requires stacking levels of stability and instability. Too much stability is boring and leads to stagnation. Too much instability leads to constant stress and burn out, and it is hard to make progress without laying a solid/ stable foundation. This is why we are constantly accessing if your spine/life needs more stability or more instability at the start of and throughout each entrainment (I say life because, as Donny says, “the shape, position and tone of your spine equals the shape position and tone of your life”).

I look forward to seeing everyone in the office this week
Homer and Sarah

08/5/19- Respiratory wave

Good morning and Happy Monday,

This is the first week of our new hours. The only things that have changed are that Tuesday and Thursday morning shifts now match Monday and Wednesday, and all morning shifts now go through 1:15pm We ask that you are in the door by 1:15pm to get entrained during the morning shifts. Afternoon hours have not changed.

So why this change?

We have noticed that 1:15pm seems to be a natural cutoff, and that not many people come in from 1:30-2:30pm.
Having different hours on different days was confusing. This will simplify things making it easier to come get entrained.
This will also allow me to go home for lunch Tue and Thur to see our newborn, give Sarah a short break, and pick Max up from extended day a couple days a week. I love being at the office, and being able to go home and come back (instead of staying at the office all day like I had been on T and Th) will allow me to be more energy rich and to provide better care.

Respiratory wave

What is the respiratory wave?
There are 2 waves in Network that carry energy and information through your body. The first is the respiratory or breath wave. This wave allows your Nervous System to become aware of stress and tension stored in your body and begin to release it. It starts at your tail bone and travels all the way up your body to your head and back down, eventually carrying energy and information into the Gateway (where we make contacts) we are working with.

How much of the respiratory wave are you aware of? Do you feel it moving up your spine rocking each bone as it goes? Does it stop or get stuck somewhere? Are you aware of it moving through your neck all the way to the top and back down your spine? Do you feel it go into the gateway and maybe notice a lifting or rocking in your body at the place we made a contact? The more you are aware of, the more you can connect to and release. As Donny says, “You have to feel it to heal it.” This is why you might notice pain that you were unaware of as you lay on the table.

This wave is all about adding stability and ease to your system. It is generally the first thing to develop and that people notice. It usually starts out only moving part of the way up your spine and body and gets bigger/ moves further with repetition. We might ask you tuck your chin or lift part of your body to help the wave progress.

The respiratory wave also drives your parasympathetic system (the rest and digest) and reprograms the way you breath off the table as well. Many people report being more aware of their breath during daily life, and that their breath is deeper of fuller than before starting care. Each of the roughly 20,000 breaths you take each day can make you more or less healthy, and most of these breaths are unconscious. Regular Network care is a great way to make sure that each of the 20,000 breaths you take each day is working for you instead of just keeping you alive. Here is an article on the benefits of deep breathing.

Our Hours for: 8/05/19-8/09/19
Monday- Thursday: 10:00am-1:15pm and 3:30pm-6:00pm
Friday: 3:30pm-6:00pm Our next planned Fri closure is Fri 8/24. **Dr. Jarrett works Friday afternoon**
Have a great week, Your Next Level Team