Three words to make your relatonship better

Tell me more. These simple 3 words are more powerful than you can imagine and can make almost every relationship better. We got this advice form a mentor when Sarah and I were just starting to date and it has served us well ever since.

Guys: it turns out that our ladies DO NOT want us to fix their problems even if there seems to be an easy solution to us. Most of the time they simply want us to say “tell me more” and then listen to what they have to say. Vocalizing their thoughts and emotions is often enough to make a dramatic shift in their state and they will come to their own solution easier after emoting and being able to tell the whole story. Often times you will find the initial problem you were trying to “fix” was not the real issue at all. The hilarious “There is a nail in your head” video is a great comedic example of this. If you have not seen the video, here is a link.Video link

Ladies: As guys, we are hard wired to “fix it” so in general, it takes us time and repetition to get this down. It is helpful to remind your partner that you are not looking for a solution and instead are looking for connection. Also sometimes the roles are switched here. Sometimes we guys also need to hear tell me more as well. These times are great for each partner to experience the others partners normal perspective in the relationship.

Here at Next Level Chiropractic, we take a similar approach when working with your nervous system. With Network care, there are definitely times when a “tell me more” approach is the best approach. This allows your nervous system to fully express itself and get to the root cause of issues before we “fix anything”. We invite u to give the “tell me more” approach a try in your own relationships and please let us know how it goes
Homer and Sarah
Nail video


  1. Christy says:

    Such great information to remember! Some of us girls that are headstrong have to remember to do this too!! 😀

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