Weather changes and staying healthy

Its supposed to get cold later today so be sure to grab a jacket.
Large temperature swings like this are stressful for our bodies and nervous systems as they have to change or tweak many of their automatic processes to adapt to the change in the external environment. This can make it easier to get sick, especially if your nervous system is already overwhelmed or out of balance.
Here are some of the things we personally do to stay heathy. We do these as reguallry as we can, and we do them more when we are fighting getting sick or are sick.
Getting entrained. Getting entrained helps keep your nervous system in rest or digest versus fight or flight as a default. In flight or flight, energy is diverted away form the immune system into skeletal muscles needed to fight or run away. This can predispose you to getting sick as well as other misfunctions of the immune system. In rest or digest, your immune system has more energy and works better. You are able to digest stored physical, mental and emotional stresses. Your body is also able to better digest bacteria and other aberrant cells.
We do our best to get plenty of rest and sleep although that has been harder the last 12 weeks 🙂
Lots and lots of fluid. When sick or fighting sickness, our go to is hot water with lemon, honey and cinnamon.
We share 1 subscription of Juice plus that we take in spurts. We do not like to take the same supplements or supplement regimen regularly. We use this to perdiodiaclly fill any gaps from our diet. We also take it when we feel we might be fighting getting sick.
We periodically take CBD. One of the important things with CBD is that you need to be consistant while taking it. We usually share a bottle and take it until it runs out. Usually 15-30 days depending on the size of the bottle.
Vit D- almost eveyone is deficient in Vit D. We get as much Sunlight as we can and take Vit D supplement daily, or often as we remember. We also take small dose of Vit A and high dose Vit C.
I persoannly love raw garlic for immune boosting as it is a natural antibiotic. I crush it or cut it and let it sit for 15 min. I eat 1 or 2 cloves every hour while I can stomach it. I usually drink kombucha while doing this to help digestion.
We love coloidal silver. When sick or fighting sickness we take it orally or in nose spray. We also use it in the oil diffuser and humidifier.
I am sure I am forgetting some things as Sarah is always adding to or tweaking our regimen as she is constantly researching and learning, so when you see her in the office, feel free to ask what else she suggests.

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