8/26/19- Rest and Digest

Good morning and happy Monday!
Thank you to everyone that has emailed, texted, gifted or otherwise sent love this way! We are very grateful. Sarah and Atlas are doing great. He is an eating and pooping expert at this point and even sleeps really well (during the day 🙂 lol). Max loves being a big brother and overall has been doing a great job dealing with all of the change.
Over the last few weeks, we have discussed how Network care, specifically the respiratory wave, helps to stimulate a parasympathetic tone. Generally speaking sympathetic and parasympathetic are the 2 modes of the our human auto pilot with sympathetic being the fight, flight or freeze mode and parasympathetic being the rest and digest mode.
Lets take a closer look at what rest and digest means.
To rest is to be able to recover. In this state, your body is able to focus on recovering, making repairs and maintaining homeostasis throughout all of its systems and subsystems.
It is also able to digest all of the things that it lacked energy to digest while it was stuck in stress mode. In stress or survival mode, energy is pumped into your skeletal muscles that you will need to fight or run for your life instead of to digestion.
Digestion can of course mean digesting food that we have eaten or that has become lodged in our digestive system somewhere. It can also mean digesting unprocessed emotions or feelings that we previously not allowed ourselves to feel. It can mean digestion of old thought patterns that have previously been playing on repeat. It can mean digestion of stored chemical stresses from any chemicals exposure you have previously had- think air and water pollution, processed food, bug spray, cleaning materials etc. In the case of rest and digest, digest can refer to the processing of ANY stored stress.
As some of these old thoughts and emotions get digested, sometimes there is an overflow from the subconscious (where most of this is happening) to the conscious. When this happens we might find ourselves feeling grumpy, angry or frustrated for no reason at all. (this can also happen with positive emotions, however most of us have shoved down way more of the darker emotions than the positive ones) This generally will not last very long, and the best thing to do is to simply be with whatever comes up. Do your best not to judge anything or avoid feeling what you are feeling. That is how we got in that position in the first place. The remnants or overflow will never be as stressful or extreme as the original stress that was stored. Again, most of the digestion will be in the subconscious part of our bodies.
This usually only happens once or twice and does not last but a few hours or moments. The great part is that after digesting something, you can get the benefits from it. Over time, expect to experience a fuller range of emotions with the potential for more and more positive emotions as you gain momentum in the growth (rest and digest) direction.
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