What does it mean to be relaxed?

What does it mean to be relaxed after your entrainments?

First of all, it feels good to be relaxed and we intuitively know that it is good for us. The longer its been since we have been relaxed, the more noticeable the effect will be.

In general, being relaxed post entrainment means that your Nervous System has been operating at least partially in fight, flight or freeze as a default. This is common in todays world. There are countless demands on our time and attention as well as many other stressors in everyday life. Network Spinal entrainments help to calm this part of your nervous system and also help to stimulate the parasympathetic or rest and digest part of your nervous system.

In stress mode, our auto pilot is focused on our external environment in order to reach for threats to our safety. When we relax, our bodies are able to take a breath and take a look at what’s going on inside of us. This internal focus allows for greater healing, cellular repair, and of course higher quality resting and digesting.

When we think of rest and digest, we commonly think of food digestion. However, when this part of our Nervous System is active, we also are able to process undigested thoughts, feelings and emotions. Just like undigested food, these things can build up and weigh us down.

When the change from pre entrainment to post entrainment is exceptionally large, in terms of a revved up or stressed nervous system to a calm Nervous system, you might experience a crash or extreme tiredness a little while after your entrainment. If you can, this is a wonderful opportunity to listen to your body and give it the rest that it needs.

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