What does it mean to be relaxed?

What does it mean to be relaxed after your entrainments?

First of all, it feels good to be relaxed and we intuitively know that it is good for us. The longer its been since we have been relaxed, the more noticeable the effect will be.

In general, being relaxed post entrainment means that your Nervous System has been operating at least partially in fight, flight or freeze as a default. This is common in todays world. There are countless demands on our time and attention as well as many other stressors in everyday life. Network Spinal entrainments help to calm this part of your nervous system and also help to stimulate the parasympathetic or rest and digest part of your nervous system.

In stress mode, our auto pilot is focused on our external environment in order to reach for threats to our safety. When we relax, our bodies are able to take a breath and take a look at what’s going on inside of us. This internal focus allows for greater healing, cellular repair, and of course higher quality resting and digesting.

When we think of rest and digest, we commonly think of food digestion. However, when this part of our Nervous System is active, we also are able to process undigested thoughts, feelings and emotions. Just like undigested food, these things can build up and weigh us down.

When the change from pre entrainment to post entrainment is exceptionally large, in terms of a revved up or stressed nervous system to a calm Nervous system, you might experience a crash or extreme tiredness a little while after your entrainment. If you can, this is a wonderful opportunity to listen to your body and give it the rest that it needs.

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Network spinal and breathing

Network helps us breath better on and off the table. It stimulates and activates dormant and often unused parts of of respiratory systems as well as resetting our natural pattern of slow deep breathing. All of this happens automatically. An important caveat is that during entrainments, you do not need to try to breather deeper or control your breath.

Here are some simple guidelines for conscious healthy breathing:

Its almost always best to breath in and out your nose. This warms and cleans the air, and it helps absorb oxygen better. You can also breath out your mouth with pursed lips if you are not able to exhale through your nose. Either way, it is helpful to place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth behind your front teeth. Side note: You will feel like you are suffocating the first few days of practicing exclusive nose nose breathing. This is a short adaption period and it can be helpful to use a pulse ox to monitor your oxygen levels. Humans today are chronic over breathers and your oxygen levels will likely be fine even though you feel like you don’t have enough air.

Now lets take Network principles into account.

Breathing in your mouth and out your nose is appropriate and natural in moments of Awaken, awe or ecstasy. Essentially, when something is so great that it takes your breath away, you might find yourself mouth breathing for a small while.

Breathing in and out your mouth is also associated with merging an old way of doing things with a new way.

You might also need to breath in your mouth during entrainments in order to get enough air in or to activate the season of transform and/or awaken.

Take deep slow breaths into into your stomach to activate your diaphragm.

Exception: Focused Heart breathing uses more of the secondary respiratory muscles. The benefit of this type of breathing comes from the focus on your heart.

The ideal breath is roughly 5.5 seconds in the nose and 5.5 seconds out the nose. Practicing this even for a few minutes a day can have huge benefits and help you re learn to breathe through your nose. Come see us when you are in Dalas!

Torticollis in older kids

Stress is sneaky. We often don’t notice it building up or the effects it has on us. This is partly because increased stress activates our fight or flight response, and when this happens our body awareness goes down. We then stop our healthy habits which lets stress build up even more. Our bodies do a great job adapting to let us keep pushing forward until we reach a critical mass of stress storage. When this happens, old pains or problems come back and/or new pains and problems show up.

We are seeing signs of increased stress and stress storage in both adults and kids over the last months. Some of these include; people having more headaches and pains, more tension in both the active and passive systems, people complaining about sleeping wrong or not being able to sleep, people stopping healthily habits because they do not have time or energy, people getting sick and more.

Most noteworthy is that we have seen multiple cases of severe torticollis or wryneck in school age kids. Prior to this year, we have only had 2 cases in 13 years of practice. Both of these were in very young children. Network spinal is a great way to quickly resolve this issue. This seems to be a sign of increased stress everywhere. We are all feeling it, or at least we are all subconsciously experiencing it if we are not feeling it.

Things we can do:

We can all do our best to keep up healthy stress mitigating habits.

We can view stress as making us stronger by challenging our nervous systems (akin to working out)

We can focus on the good and practice gratitude for what we do have and what is working

Regular entrainments also help to process stored stress and to keep our nervous systems in growth and out of fight or flight mode.

Too many body apps open?

Do you ever leave too many apps open on your phone or too many programs running on your computer? I’m pretty sure we have all been there. Our phones or computers start to glitch or not work as fast. As soon as we close out the unneeded apps or programs, things go back to normal. 

The body works the same way 

Sometimes we have multiple phases or patterns happening at the same time. We could be subconsciously still holding on to prior emotions and thoughts from days, months or even years ago. These thoughts and emotions might pop up consciously from time to time and then go away again. 

Network helps close these extra apps. Said differently, Network entrainments help us connect to and process these recurring loop emotions and thoughts so that we can return to a calmer baseline. 

Sometimes these are the entrainments that you can’t seem to relax or tune in. These entrainments are just as beneficial as ones that are deeply relaxing or energizing, just in a different way. 

Donny’s concept of AAA helps us close out apps (thoughts and emotions) in real time. Here is a link to an old newsletter about AAA https://nextlevelchirodallas.com/epienergetic-seasons-aaa-and-the-gap/

Being Stuck

I saw a cool quote online this morning. This is what is said: I told my friend I was emotionally hitting a wall and she said, “Sometimes walls are there so we can lean on them and rest”

What if being stuck was not always a bad thing? What if being stuck in life was the universe saying that we need to stop and reevaluate the direction we are trying to go. That the direction we are trying to go is ultimately not the right direction for us. A repeated forced pause is a great opportunity to discover other options or directions.

Stage 3 in Donny Epistein’s Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) is all about being Stuck in a Perspective. The classic stage 3 experience is: I am stuck or blocked in my body (shoulder or back for example) or in my life. I keep looping or coming back to this same stuckness in my body or life. This occurs in middle to late discover care, and this is where we start to take personal responsibility for the way things are. We begin to see how we are contributing or causing our troubles and stuckness. Some times, the stuckness is simply us trying to force something that is not right for us.

The stuck in stage 3 is what allows energy to build up for a breakthrough (often this breakthrough is the stage 4 experience we talked about last week).

The goal with this stage is a peaceful waiting while the energy needed to breakthrough builds over time. I am not saying stage 3 feels good or is a fun experience in any way. However, being stuck is a part of healing and life, so we might as well get the most out of it. A good way to do this is to pause and AAA your stuckness. As a reminder, AAA stands for being Aware, Acknowledging and Accepting the way things are. Doing this and knowing that being stuck can ultimately be part of your path, can help us be more comfortable in the uncomfortable place of being stuck.

Network Spinal care can also help you move through the 12 Stages of Healing /SRI stages.

Let us know if you feel stuck and would like to do stage 3 breathing at your next visit- 14200 Midway Suite 110 Dallas, Tx 75244.

Is more energy always better?

Having more energy is usually better than having less energy. However, more energy is not always better. More energy is only better when it can be efficiently and coherently used.

Here are some simple examples of more energy NOT being better:

Too much energy at bedtime and not being able to sleep.

Cooking Dinner at 1000 degrees instead of 350.

Drinking too much coffee

Having too much energy manifesting as anxiety

Lighting a birthday candle with a welding torch

Network Spinal care helps you have more energy AND more energy efficiency/ coherence.

Most of the time people feel relaxed immediately post entrainment and then find themselves with more energy shortly after. Sometimes, a different response is needed from your body and you will find yourself tired or with seemingly less energy. During these times, it is likely you were operating very inefficiently with too much energy, and your body needs to recover/ balance. We recommend listening to your body during these times and taking the rest you need. Doing so, can help you avoid breakdown and sickness. Come see us at Next Level Chiropractic in Dallas Tx for Network Spinal care! We can work together to help increase your energy and energy efficiency.

How big is your system

How big we see any system, affects our energetic relationship with that system. The bigger the system, the larger amount of energy is required and vise versa.

Like most fortune cookies and cool quotes from Donny Epstein, the creator of Network Spinal, this sounds cool but is not always easily applied in today’s busy world.

Let’s look at a few examples.

What do you see when you look at your partner, child or friend?

In space, do you see just their physical body? What happens if you also take notice of the space around their body? Research has shown time and time again that the heart field extends multiple feet off the body, What if you focused here for a moment before interacting with them? Notice what happens as you expand your view of the system/person to include the super energy rich heart field? What happens if you also expand your awareness to your heart field and the space in-between the 2 fields?

Where do you see your partner, child or friend in time?

Do you only see the present moment, or do you take into account the past (what have they been though) and the future (a higher vision of them)? Multiple perspectives allows for more energy and a greater range of response.

There has been a lot of AAA for me over the last week. My family system has changed and grown from just myself, Sarah, Max and Atlas to also include my paternal family. Somewhere over time, I had consciously or not, moved my parents from my system. Expanding my view to include them, increases my bandwidth for love and heart connection. I had to AAA that my heart had only been growing in 1 direction in time which was forward (with Sarah and my boys). This ongoing experience has allowed my heart to grow backwards in time as well (Its hard to grow where you are not open and its hard to be open if you are not aware you are closed)

This post was originally sent out as a newsletter to our practice in Dallas, Tx in March 2021.

Nervous system health and emotions

One of the unseen benefits of having your Nervous System in growth mode (instead of stress mode) is a greater ability to trust and have faith.

If you stop to think about it, trust and faith are not usually the first emotions felt if you are running or fighting for your life. Fear or anger are more appropriate emotions to keep you alive in the face of immediate danger.

This is one of the biggest changes that happens over and over again in Network Spinal Care. Subconscious or automatic patterns of fear and anger are transformed and/or awakened to patterns of trust and faith. This allows for an expansion or deepening of your own personal belief system, and trust in both the macro and micro parts of life. Come experience Network Spinal Care for yourself at Next Level Chiropractic -14200 Midway rd suite 110 Dallas, TX 75244.

How light contacts make a big difference

We are often asked how such light Network Entrainment contacts can make a difference in the body. 

Here is one way we answer:(the wording is borrowed from our friend Dr. Matthew- a fellow Network Spinal Practitioner)

We are not actually adjusting the bones. 

Bones aren’t smart, so we don’t adjust those – you have to push hard to move bones, and they tend to go right back where they started.

Muscles aren’t smart, so we don’t adjust those, either – you have to push hard to stretch muscles, and they tend to go right back to where they started.

Nerves ARE smart, which is why we adjust those – they run everything in you and can learn to sustain your results when they’re adjusted properly. 

Nerves respond best when you adjust those with a gentle force. Like a touchscreen, a tiny touch to specific nerves elicits big change. Like a touchscreen, different qualities of touch elicit different kinds of change. Like a touchscreen, the touch only works if the proper apps are open, which is why we do an in-depth analysis as to where and how to apply a gentle force. Infact, Network Spinal used to be called Network Spinal Analysis.

When you bang on a slow touchscreen, does it actually work any faster – or does it sometimes go even slower from the overload and can you damage the wiring?

 The body works the same way! 

That’s why we’re gentle, precise, and patient – and why we get such amazing results. Come get Network Spinal care at Next Level Chiropractic- 14200 Midway rd suite 110 Dallas, TX 75244.

Primary order 1

There is something called a primary order that you can use on the Network entrainment table or in life. It is a model that can help you know what to pay attention to while being entrained. Using it correctly can help you be more energetically resourceful and efficient.

It has 3 parts or areas of focus and they are: breath, movement, and energy.

Explore paying attention to each of them (B,M,E) one at a time. One of them should stand out as easiest to focus on, and one might stand out as second best. To effectively use your primary order, pay attention to the one that is easiest for you to focus on or feel first and primarily. After that stops, or at the same time, focus on the one (B,M,E) that is second easiest for you to focus on or feel. Add the third in the same manner on occasion when possible.

Side note: Past initially exploration, this is only really relevant when you are not sure what to focus on. Do not pace a lot of time or thought into this. Simply do what works in the moment and have the model as a backup to use when you don’t know what to do.

Breath- sensation of air moving into and through your body. Focus is on the inhale and exhale and specific to the breath.

Energy- can be called Prana, Qi or simply energy. It is hard to describe because it can be different for everyone. If it feels tingly or weird, that is probably energy.

Movement- This is the physical movement the body. Movement can be felt on the joints and muscles.

Let us know if you have any questions about this via email or by dropping into Next Level Chiropractic at 14200 Midway rd suite 110, Dallas, TX 75244.