Too many body apps open?

Do you ever leave too many apps open on your phone or too many programs running on your computer? I’m pretty sure we have all been there. Our phones or computers start to glitch or not work as fast. As soon as we close out the unneeded apps or programs, things go back to normal. 

The body works the same way 

Sometimes we have multiple phases or patterns happening at the same time. We could be subconsciously still holding on to prior emotions and thoughts from days, months or even years ago. These thoughts and emotions might pop up consciously from time to time and then go away again. 

Network helps close these extra apps. Said differently, Network entrainments help us connect to and process these recurring loop emotions and thoughts so that we can return to a calmer baseline. 

Sometimes these are the entrainments that you can’t seem to relax or tune in. These entrainments are just as beneficial as ones that are deeply relaxing or energizing, just in a different way. 

Donny’s concept of AAA helps us close out apps (thoughts and emotions) in real time. Here is a link to an old newsletter about AAA

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