Torticollis in older kids

Stress is sneaky. We often don’t notice it building up or the effects it has on us. This is partly because increased stress activates our fight or flight response, and when this happens our body awareness goes down. We then stop our healthy habits which lets stress build up even more. Our bodies do a great job adapting to let us keep pushing forward until we reach a critical mass of stress storage. When this happens, old pains or problems come back and/or new pains and problems show up.

We are seeing signs of increased stress and stress storage in both adults and kids over the last months. Some of these include; people having more headaches and pains, more tension in both the active and passive systems, people complaining about sleeping wrong or not being able to sleep, people stopping healthily habits because they do not have time or energy, people getting sick and more.

Most noteworthy is that we have seen multiple cases of severe torticollis or wryneck in school age kids. Prior to this year, we have only had 2 cases in 13 years of practice. Both of these were in very young children. Network spinal is a great way to quickly resolve this issue. This seems to be a sign of increased stress everywhere. We are all feeling it, or at least we are all subconsciously experiencing it if we are not feeling it.

Things we can do:

We can all do our best to keep up healthy stress mitigating habits.

We can view stress as making us stronger by challenging our nervous systems (akin to working out)

We can focus on the good and practice gratitude for what we do have and what is working

Regular entrainments also help to process stored stress and to keep our nervous systems in growth and out of fight or flight mode.