The Season of Awaken

Now is a fantastic time for Awaken energy! The season of awaken is about simply being- it is beyond the minds comprehension. It is the experience of love and gratitude and the connectedness between us all.

In the season of awaken, everything is already perfect and we are able to find the gifts in every situation. We are able to connect with ourselves, others (community) and the greater free energy around us. In awaken, we are overflowing with available energy and can freely share with the world around us.

On the table, you will mostly be face up with your hands on the table or on your thighs. This helps drive the energy/ wave through your heart. We might also pick one of your legs up in the air while you are face down to access this season.

Awaken is a wonderful place to visit, but not a very productive place to live from all the time. You would likely never get anything done as everything is already perfect. Next time we will discuss integrate or mixing of the seasons.

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