8/12/19- Storing Stress

Good morning and Happy Monday,

In last weeks email we discussed how the respiratory wave helps you connect to and release stored stress in your system/ body. Lets quickly review how this stress gets stored in your body in the first place and why connecting to and releasing it would be good for you.

Your Brain is basically like your bodies’ computer or operating system. Its job is to process all the data from your 5 senses as well as all thoughts and emotions you have each day. Side note: Humans are the only creatures smart enough to think our selves into stress- lucky us since we can also think and feel ourselves into relaxation, bliss and any other state as well.

After processing and interpreting all of life’s input, the operating system determines the appropriate output. As a reminder, most of this output is automatic or subconscious (digestion, breathing, cellular repair, posture ect).

When the amount of life or data coming in is more than the operating system can process, the left over part is stored in different parts of the body as tension or subluxation.

The other main way stress gets stored in our bodies is via large stresses that have happened at any point in our life. If you were to pause and think about it, you would likely be able to identify a few moments in your life that were extremely stressful or too much to deal with. Or maybe you know someone who was never quite the same after xyz happened to them. If you can not identify any extreme or painful moments in your past, this might be a hint that you have an internal orientation. (more on internal/ external orientations in the future)

These are the main ways your body stores stress (physical, chemical , mental and emotional). When you are storing stress in your body on top of the large amount of stress in daily life, it tends to keep the Automatic part of your operating system in fight, flight or freeze mode. In this mode your breath will automatically be short and shallow and the stress cycle easily repeats itself.

Awareness is the key to breaking this cycle. You have to first become aware of your breath so that you can know if it is short and shallow, deep and full, or somewhere in-between. Once you are aware, you can make a changes as needed.

Awareness grows with practice and is accelerated via Network care. As I said last week, Regular Network care is a great way to make sure that each of the 20,000 breaths you take each day is working for you instead of just keeping you alive.

Over the next few weeks we will cover the somatopsychic wave and how it helps our nervous systems reorganize to a higher level of efficiency. I will also do my best to include a short video or sound clip walkthrough of SRI stage 1. Somato respiratory integration stage 1 is a great tool to find areas of disconnection in our bodies. This goes back to the concept that you must be aware of a problem or disconnection before you can correct or connect.

An update on our family. Sarah is doing fantastic and her due date is this upcoming Saturday. Max is a happy little guy excited for his baby brother to come and for school to start. We will update everyone via email when we have our baby and if we need to close the office at all over the next couple weeks.

Our Hours for: 8/12/19-8/16/19
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Have a great week, Your Next Level Team
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