Checking in with your body

We often hear people say that they did not hurt until they laid down on the table. This happens to me all the time. Here is part of why that happens,

We tend to disconnect from parts of our bodies that hurt when we are going about our days. In other words we are too busy to stop and check in with our bodies, and we are unaware of things that have misaligned or tightened.

When we lay on the table, this is a chance to intentionally check in. We become aware of things that need attention.

Make sure to pay attention to your body and breath. Notice where you feel your breath and if you feel it moving up your spine. Try your best to be present.

You will likely become aware of more areas that need attention during your entrainment. We encourage you to feel whatever comes up and to try to listen to what your body needs. For example, if you become aware that you are laying crooked on the table, it is up to you to straighten your body out. If you become aware that your neck is really tight, you might want to stretch a certain part of it. If you notice one side of your pelvis is higher than the other, you might lift your pelvis and move it around to let it adjust itself.

Overtime, our bodies learn that laying on the table equals self care and healing. The cool thing is that this learned ability to check in and heal can be activated anytime we stop and pay attention to our bodies with focused attention, breath, and movement. Over the years, many people have reported that their bodies started to unwind during mediation or breath work as if they were on the table.

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