Cultural Field

Donny Epstein, the creator of Network Spinal, often talks about the cultural field (cf) or the average energy of a population. The specific quote he repeatedly says is, “the cultural field is a weak field”. This is a good thing because the cf can influence your energy and your mood, especially if you are energy neutral or below.

In todays world, the cf is being affected by things like covid and the elections. This has not done wonders for it by any means. All of the collective fear and aggression lowers the overall energy and gears the cf for fear and anger. You might notice this as an uneasy feeling in the air. Or you might notice yourself more prone to getting caught up in anger over the elections or fear with covid. These emotions can then leach into other parts of your life.

If you notice yourself caught up in anger or fear, do your best to make it on the table extra this week.

Other great ways to help yourself include AAA and to connect with your why or your reasons for being energy rich or above.

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