Emotional Stress- emotional release

Have you had the urge to yell or make noise while you are on the entrainment table? You might feel this while we are holding a contact for a longer period of time and/or asking you to stretch or lift a certain area. This is your body wanting to let go of emotional stress. “Moving” i.e.- stretching and making noise, are some of the best ways to release emotional tension. (Donny says “Energy in motion is e-motion.”)

Believe me when I say – NO ONE wants to yell or make noise.

Making noise can be incredibly uncomfortable especially if the room has other people in it.  Sometimes people even say they don’t want to disturb the other people in the room. You WILL NOT disturb the room. You will actually help the room by letting others know what is possible and by liberating energy.  Making small noises when a bigger noise is needed is like slowly taking a very sticky band aid off.  We all know it’s better to rip it off even though it will be temporary painful. The same thing applies to releasing emotional tension. Said another way, if we do not allow our bodies to make the noise they need to make, we do not get the emotional release we could otherwise get.

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