Most people know that getting outside to get fresh air and sunshine is good for you. The sunlight comes from above and the fresh air from all around us. If it is good to connect with Nature above and around us, what about the Earth below us?
It is also very good for us to connect with Nature below us via walking or standing barefoot on Earth- (rock, dirt, grass, water). Do this as often as you can and see if you notice a difference.
Check out this quick exert from the Chopra center and read the article here:
“Losing Touch with the Ground You are a bioelectrical being living on an electrical planet. Your body operates electrically. All of your cells transmit multiple frequencies that run, for example, your heart, immune system, muscles, and nervous system. With the exception of humans living in industrialized societies, all living things on our planet are connected to the ground’s electric energy. In industrialized societies, you rarely go barefoot and walk around outside or wear natural leather shoes that allow you to absorb the ground’s energy. For many decades, people have increasingly been wearing rubber and plastic-soled shoes that act as a barrier to the Earth’s energy, insulating them from electrical contact with the Earth. People also generally don’t sleep on the ground anymore, as many cultures have done throughout history. They live and work above the ground, even far above the ground in high-rises. The truth is, you’re disconnected. You’re ungrounded. You are not in touch with the Earth. Could this disconnection be an overlooked factor in the increase of illnesses noted earlier?”

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