Network Research in 1st place

Network Spinal Analysis is on the rise in the research world. This is the technique that DR’s Homer and Sarah Johnson specialize in here in Dallas, TX at Next Level Chiropractic. In fact, the article,” The Network Wave as a Central Pattern Generator”   published in the July 2016 version of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, is the most read article in the Journal for the last 12 months according to Mary Ann Liebert inc publishers. This ground breaking research performed by Electrical Engineering students at the University of Southern California was also published by Science Direct. One of the researchers involved in the ongoing research,  Srideep Mussvathy , sums up the Network experience as,” I am not a network Doc. But here is what I would say. Network care helps increase the efficiency of the body system (body, mind, etc.) process information and utilize energy. This is the general objective…”

At Next Level Chiropractic we focus on the integrity of the NeuroStructral system and the Enhancement of the Human Experience not just reduction in secondary conditions or symptoms.  This means not only feeling better but also functioning, interacting and healing better.

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You can find the full body of Network Spinal Analysis research by clicking this link Network research.

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