Next Level Chiropractic- 2017 1st quarter health talks

Fundamentals of Network Spinal Analysis-Friday January 27th at 6:30pm

DRS. Homer and Sarah Johnson will explain the basics of NSA, a light force chiropractic technique based on the original premise of chiropractic which is tone. This talk will include an overview of the seasons of wellbeing, levels of care, energy states, spinal gateways and contacts, demonstrations and explanation of the 2 unique waves developed in care, as well as outcomes and much more.


Master the Network Experience– Sunday, March 19th at 3pm

At the second talk of the year we will go into more detail about the relationship between energy states, seasons and how you are living your life. We will look at the different phases and how they affect your outlook. We will explore the triad of change in multiple ways. We will look at the relationship between your experiences on the table and your triad as well how your triad affects how you handle change in life. More depth will be given to topics discussed in the first talk as well as more in depth demonstrations. These demonstrations will include focal points for you to focus on during your entrainments to maximize your results


Pain and Network Spinal Analysis– Fridays, May 12th at 6:30pm

This talk will focus on pain. Pain is almost always a signal from our body that we need to change something. As a society we need to learn to listen and learn from our pain instead of covering it up. Did you know that there are multiple different types of pain with varying degrees of severity? Did you also know that traditional treatments for pain typically only focus on one type of pain and that is usually one of the lower two levels. If treatment for your pain is not working, are you sure you are using the right type of treatment for your type of pain? Come explore the different types of pain with us and learn different ways to deal with different types of pain.


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