Our Commitment To Our Patients

If you have been coming to see us for a while, you might have noticed that we have traveled more in the past year than in the previous years.  If you are new with us or not under Network care, we would like to give you a sneak peek at our level of dedication to be the best. Our travel has been almost exclusively to improve our skill sets in Network Spinal Analysis and for our own healing with normal exceptions such as Christmas and such. In the last 15 months, both Dr. Sarah Johnson and Dr. Homer Johnson have been to a Basic Level Intensive, Level 2 seminar, Level 3 seminar, 4 Transformational Gates, a Donny Premier Program and have enrolled in a 1 year Master –E program with Dr. Donny Epstein as well as taking the hands on level 3 certification again with Dr. Donny Epstein. The level 3 testing is no longer being done by Dr. Epstein personally.

All of the educational courses expect for Master –E were refresher courses as both Dr. Johnsons have attended at least 5 of each: the basic care , level 2, and level 3 seminars over the last 6 years, as well as a handful of “hands on” seminars for each level as well.

Master-E is an exclusive program offered to level 3 certified practitioners only.  We have included some more information about the program at the end of this blog.

Our commitment is to be the best Network practitioners possible. That means we are not slowing down this year. In fact we leave February 10th for our second hands on intensive, with Dr. Donny for Master-E, in 8 months. We are also signed up for Donny’s premier program, the AWE in April.  We absolutely love what we do and strive to continually improve so we can deliver the best life changing care possible for our patients.

And now a few words from Donny about the Master –E program (taken from the wise world seminars page):


Be a part of an exclusive group accepted participating in the 12 month Master-E program.

Train and learn with Donald Epstein PERSONALLY, directly, virtually and asynchronously.

Experience a program designed to take you to a radically advanced and evolved level of Mastery-E, learning applications never before taught.

Explore unchartered territory in what is possible when serving people and increasing demand for your gifts as a Master beyond just your technique or professional title.

Study with globally recognized experts in various disciplines such as leadership, consciousness, medicine, biology and physics, practice development, community, strategic alliances and more.

Be a part of a group of diverse and energy-rich leaders committed to redefining what is possible in the world.

Be challenged and accountable.  Live and work the fundamental teachings of Reorganizational Living and the Epstein Technologies to deepen and expand your life experience.”

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