The Season of Discover into The Season of Transform

A common misconception is that we graduate from discover care. This is not the case , especially in todays world.

Americans are under an enormous amount of stress each and every day. From finances, traffic, sitting too much, emails, texts, relationships, toxins in our food water and air, and the list goes on and on. The human body was never designed to experience so much on such an ongoing basis.

Discover care helps us process our daily stress. When that happens that energy can go into Transform or Awaken instead of weighing us down/keeping our system in fight or flight. For these reasons, we will usually make at least a few discover contacts during each entrainment. These contacts help to liberate bound energy to be used for transform and awaken care. 

Transform starts with frustration that the problem/issue keeps coming back. It is at this point that we decide that we are done with a particular pattern. We say enough of this or feel like we need to take our power back. At this point we are moving away from an old pattern or way of being.

This leads us to middle to late transform where we feel ready to take on what’s next, even if we do not necessarily know what next is. This is a crucial point as we start to move towards something new rather than away from something old. This allows for a greater bandwidth of energy aka more transformation to happen. We build more and more momentum until we reach a breakthrough.

The season of transform is all about having both your conscious and your subconscious mind working on solutions/ optimization. This is in contrast to discover where it is all about finding the problem or what is not working.

On the table, you might notice us holding contacts longer and/or deeper. We might ask you to lift or stretch a particular part of your body, and you also might feel like spontaneously lifting/ stretching/moving parts of your body. Your muscles will start to engage in a wave like motion allowing for further reorganaztion. 
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