Towards or Away- a new view of your Nervous System

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As a refresher overview- the automatic or auto pilot part (technically called the autonomic nervous system) of our nervous system makes up about 90-95% of our nervous system (can also be called subconscious), and this automictic part has 2 modes it can be in. Sympathetic/ fight/flight/freeze or parasympathetic/rest and digest. One of our goals at Next Level is to help your Nervous system return to a parasympathetic dominate state, and then to continue to move in that direction.
Now that that is out of the way we are going to discuss how the orientation of your nervous system affects your health and life in a fun new way,
That way is towards or away. Towards will represent parasympathetic dominance and away will represent sympathetic dominance.
The towards direction starts off moving towards better health and function as more energy is automatically focused on cellular repair, homeostasis, upright posture, digestion and all other healing. As your body, mind, and emotions work better, you can start to improve your life.
Moving further in the towards direction requires more energy and momentum than simply helping your self. At this point you might find it easier and more appealing to be open to collaboration, community and helping others. It is easier to collaborate with others because in a parasympathetic dominate state, you do not automatically see others a threat / source of stress. More options are available to you in many areas of life as your brain function shifts to using more of the prefrontal cortex and less of the limbic system(animal brain). This allows you to see the bigger picture and make long term rational decisions as your automatic random thoughts will be geared more for long term growth rather than pain or pleasure. It is easier to delay gratification now for a better future.
Continuing in the growth direction will require more energy and efficient use of that energy. This can be achieved by the leveling up of your nervous system via Network care. The far end of the towards direction moves you towards greater meaning and connection in life. This usually means some sort of spiritual practice or greater connection to your own beliefs or Religion. We say some sort because this can be deeply personal and different for everyone.
In contrast, in the away direction, energy is automatically focused on skeletal muscles that would be used to flight or run and on staying on high alert (think anxiety). Repair is minimal and healing is slow. Homeostasis is not a priority so hormones and blood chemistry can easily become out of balance. Instead of repair, the body slowly degrades similar to the way most people think about aging. Focus is generally not on making large improvements in life so much as conserving what you already have.
Moving further in the away direction leads to stagnation and isolation in life. It will be harder to get along with people, much less collaborate since new people will be seen by the automictic part of your nervous system as threats. The mentality will be “what does this person want from me” and we all know how fun that can be. Random thoughts will be driven more by the limbic system and will be more often concerning immediate pain or pleasure. It will be harder to see the bigger picture as blood flow moves away from the prefrontal cortex. This makes it harder to make good long term choices for your health and life. It is harder to delay gratification even if we know we will pay for it later.
I was recently asked if we promote any particular religion and why we have so many items associated with different spiritual practices in our office. The answer is no. We support all practices and do not promote or try to convert anyone to any religion, rather we simply believe in a higher power. We respect everyone’s own journey. Network care can help you move more in your own towards direction whatever that might be by helping your auto pilot be oriented towards growth.
We have  a rosery from the Vatican, a Taoist blessing, statues of Hindu deities, flowers from the Hare Krishna temple, multiple photos of Buddha and more. Everything except for some of the photos has been gifted to us over the years. When we see them, we are reminded of the feelings of gratitude and connection. The art that we have purchased mostly comes from events we have done with Donny (gates and AWEs), and they remind us of very energy rich times for our family. Having these around the office makes it even easier for us to serve from an energy rich place.
Next week we will cover how to tell if your autopilot has shifted to any degree of sympathetic dominance or stress mode. I also plan on covering why you might feel “worse” after an entrainment in coming weeks.

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