Willingness vs willfulness and Network Spinal

This morning we will take a quick look at the consciousness of “willingness” and how it applies to your Network entrainments.

“Willingness” ranks just above neutrality in the David Hawkins “Model of Consciousness.” It helps open the door to higher levels such as acceptance, joy, and love and it also helps you move away or release levels such as shame, anger, fear and guilt.

Willingness is about being open (to receive or experience). It can range from limited such as “I am willing to receive abundance” or pure willingness such as “I am willing.” The broader your willingness is, the more energy/bandwidth it will have.

Willing vs willful

Willing is opening while being willful is a form of resistance. Being “willing” is about going with the flow, being willful is forceful. Something you will hear in our office often “flowing not forcing.”

Examples on the Network Spinal table:

Willful- I want to feel a certain way during or after this entrainment

Willing- I am willing to feel

Willful- I need this area to pop or release

Willing- I am willing to let my body do what it needs

WillfulI- I need this pain to change now

Willing- I am willing to listen to my body/ the pain

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