Discover what to expect when you start Network care.

From any single entrainment, your body will process past (distant and recent) stress/ trauma. Your body will adjust itself as it releases built up tension. Some muscles will relax while others might fire more as your body realigns itself both globally and segmentally. You might feel a sense of calm or relaxation as your system moves more towards a parasympathetic state.

This effect magnifies over time as you receive more entrainments.

Over the course of time, the reorganizational effect of Network comes more into play, and so do the seasons of wellbeing. (The seasons of wellbeing are Discover, Transform, Awaken, and Integrate) The reorganizational effect describes the “leveling up” of the Nervous System (aka The Human Operating System) using stored stress as the fuel.

People new in Network care typically experience the season of Discover first. In Discover, you begin to notice the respiratory wave (large breath during entrainments) and unwinding of connective tissue via large muscle movements.

You also begin to notice recurring patterns in your life that are not working anymore. You find areas of your body and life that are not working or have problems. Towards the end of the season of discover, you start to recognize your role in the reoccurrence of the pattern, and you take personal responsibility for the way things are. You often feel stuck/frustrated which helps build the fuel needed for the breakthrough into Transform.

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