Eyes open or closed during Network entrainments

What do you do with your eyes during an entrainment? We recommend keeping your eyes shut while you are on the entrainment table. This makes it easier to pay attention to your internal environment/body.

Most of the time, people are only paying attention to their external world. This is because of how stressful and busy the modern world is, instinctually we feel like we have to be on “high alert”. Stress triggers your fight or flight response which prioritizes paying attention to the external environment (finding threats to fight, run from, or freeze/hide from)

Many people do not pay attention to the internal environment because they are locked in “stress mode” and their subconscious is constantly scanning the external environment looking for threats. When you are constantly looking for threats, you tend to interpret non-threatening things as threats.

Why do I FEEL so much during and after an entrainment? Feeling pain or discomfort in different areas of your body post entrainment is considered a good thing in this office! This means that your body has started paying attention internally and has found areas that need attention, we call these “growing pains,” and when you feel that area, you can HEAL that area.

It could be said its even better to feel pain or discomfort while you are on the table and be done with it by the time you are walking out the door.

This can be accomplished by paying attention to your body and accepting what you find. Once you accept what is, move, stretch or reposition your body into what feels right. The more you fully connect and allow (making noise is a good example), the easier it is to move through pain and to the other side. (Aware, Acknowledge, Accept)

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