Muscle memory and Network Spinal

We get better at what we repeatedly do. The nervous system learns and builds neural pathways to make doing these things easier and seemingly automatic. We used to think of this as muscle memory, but now we know it’s called building neuroplasticity. With more and more repetitions, these pathways get bigger and stronger.

This works for positive things like stretching, working out and getting entrained, In fact, research shows that Network entrainments continue to improve over years or even decades of care. Here is a link to some of the research on Network care and the Network Wave

It also works for less beneficial actions. These actions lead to a accumulation of stress in the body over time.

Obvious examples include sitting or doing repetitive motions such as using a computer mouse.

Less obvious examples include walking with uneven gate (limp or simply having one of your joints not working as well on one side), carrying a purse or bag only on one side, or holding a baby or kid on one side. These build up asymmetries and tension over time. It can take many years for symptoms to appear from the slow build up.

Here is a personal example related to entraining. For years I would only approach the table from the left so I could use my right hand. This led to asymmetrical build up of rotational tension that manifested in knee and weird rib/ mid back pain. Once I became aware of it, I started consciously approaching from both sides. I also held Max only in my leg arm so I could use my right arm while carrying him. This helped to build up the same rotational pathways. With Atlas and Luna, I have made sure to use both arms.

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