New you-New Shoe

How often do you get new shoes?

A good time to get new shoes is when your old shoes do not feel right on your feet. This is because the shape and function of our feet changes over time as we change,

The main goal of Network Spinal is to help us grow and evolve over time. A healthier spine and nervous system equals a healthier life. Every now and then, we go through huge growth spurts where we change or evolve our sense of self. This can be thought of as how we see ourselves in the world. When this happens, our pelvis reorganizes to a healthier state as well. Old tension patterns are broken, and new patterns emerge. Changes in your pelvis track both up and down our bodies all the way to our feet. This is why old shoes may feel weird when you put them on. If we keep the old/ weird feeling shoes on, we are subtly reenforcing old habits and body positions that we may have grown out of. Next week we will take a look at the benefits of backwards walking.

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