Stability and instability

Network Spinal is a reorganizational healing modality. Its goal is to help you go from one level of stability in your spinal health/ area of life to a higher level of stability in your spinal health/ area of life. There must be a level or period of instability in-between levels of stability. It’s very much like having a messy garage or closet that you know where most things are (lower-level stability). You pull everything out, throw away the trash and figure out how to put it all back better(instability). When you finish reorganizing, the closet or garage is at a higher level of stability.

Why is it good to reorganize?

Simply releasing the buildup of tension and not changing anything, allows it to build back up. Said differently, if we keep making the same choices and doing the same things, we will keep getting the same results.

Growth in areas of life comes throughs stacking levels of stability and instability.

Stability means resisting change. You get the same output no matter the external stimulus or demands. Or I always do things this way. Examples include doing the same workout or stretching routine no matter how our body feels or always sleeping in the same position or way. Another example is getting pain in an area of your body over and over and either ignoring it or doing the same treatment for it over and over ie medication. Think if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Instability means open to change in a way the adds energy. Think maybe I can do this instead. Continuing the examples above- adding new workouts and stretches or trying a class or new gym. You could try sleeping in a different position or using a new pillow. You could even try sleeping on the floor. As for the recurring pain, you can try and notice what brings the pain on and change your activities or the way you stand or sit at work. You could also try new ways to deal with the pain such as foam rolling, stretching or getting adjusted. These might help the pain move to a new location which would be a positive change.

The goal is to get to a higher level of stability or way of doing things. This simply means it works better for you than the way you used to do things.

From our previous examples- You could sign up for workout classes, change your workouts based off of a schedule or how you feel. You could find a healthier way to sleep- maybe transitioning to your side from your stomach or to your back from your side. You could also get a pillow that fits your current body better. You could commit to regular chiropractic and self-care to alleviate and prevent pain. You could get a standing desk or fix your ergonomics in another way.

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