Starting Network Spinal care: The Field

When people start care, we often hear things like I don’t understand how I feel better, they didn’t even do any work me. Or I feel better but I’m not sure it was this (the entrainments)- because people have a hard time wrapping their minds around the fact that such light force contacts can do so much.
In fact, we do minimal work to correct your body. Instead we help YOUR BODY do the work required. We also help provide/ liberate the energy required for this work.
The first step in almost every entrainment is to bring your Nervous System, remember we also call this the Human Operating System, to a state of ease or a parasympathetic state. Your level of awareness of both yourself and the subtle energy around you as well as your current state, dictates when you start to feel this effect.
Sometimes people simply feel relaxed after their entrainment and have no awareness of when the shift to ease happens. Other times you may feel waves of change as a large breaths move through your body or your muscles drop temsion during an entrainment. A bit more awareness would allow you to feel this shortly after you lay on the table right before we begin to “work” on you. If you are really aware of the subtle energy around you, you might begin to feel this shift as soon as you walk in the door.
Part of the reason you might feel a response before we begin physically working and the reason we are able to use such light contacts, is the we leverage the free energy of The Field.
More about this over the coming weeks as we kick off a new year of educational newsletters. We invite you to pay attention during your next entrainment to see when you first notice the waves of change as your HOS shifts from stress to ease.

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