When do you notice the inital shift to ease?

Last week we introduced the concept of being aware of when your body/ nervous system starts shifting to ease or out of fight or flight mode.
Now we will talk about both why this is so important, and later we will talk why your awareness of this process is vital.
Our Human Operating Systems are about 90-95% automatic, and they have 2 modes or orientations.
These are sympathetic and parasympathetic. Put simply, we have a state/mode where our autopilot is constantly looking for threats and preparing to fight or run for our lives, and we have a state/mode where your body’s autopilot knows it is safe and is able to focus on repair and growth. Survival and safety are the first two human needs and need to be fulfilled before other needs can be focused on.
In a fight or flight state, our bodies are literally geared to fight or run away. This means we are constantly pulling resources from other systems(immune, digestive, endocrine/hormone ect) in order to maintain this high alert state. These systems are vitally important for long term health but not so important for fighting or running for your life.
The initial shift to ease we discussed last week is your operating system beginning the process of returning to the repair and growth mode mentioned above.
When this happens, your body begins to focus on repairs, maintenance and growth. You might even feel a sense of safety as your fight or flight system turns off.