Energy poor and energy neutral- what to do

I taught a Network Seminar this weekend in Dallas, TX (March 2021), and it made me realize where I can be more efficient in the office. Look for faster and more effective care this week:)

Do you ever have periods of energy neutrality or energy poorness? We all have them and they are a normal part of life.

During energy poor periods, there is an opportunity to discover and grow.

Neutral periods are appropriate when you are resting or in-between energy rich periods.

Essentialy, we have to go through periods of energy poorness as a part of life and growth. Since there is no choice about it, it is better to AAA (be Aware, Acknowledge, and Accept without judgement) than to resist. The acceptance of what is, in the now, will allow your nervous system to get areal picture of what is going on and adapt and adjust accordingly.

AAA is crucial, AND there are times when you want to consciously raise your energy state. Here are a few ways:

To go from poor to neutral: Physical activity is great here. Jumping up and down and laughing or hooting and hollering can take you to high neutral.

Focusing on Gratitude or Love will bring super rich energy into whatever you are doing. This would bring poor to neutral or neutral rich.

Using your correct Triad of Change will help you consistently go from neutral to rich. This is a formula Donny Epstein came up with that focuses on the relationships between energy, perceptions, structures, and behaviors. Like all things Donny creates, it is very simple on the surface and incredibly complex once you dive in. I will do my best give an overview of this soon.

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