AAA vs taking Action

This post was originally written in late 2020. 2020 sure has been an interesting year. I think it is probably safe to say that this year has been too much for all of us.

We have all had to deal with normal life stresses compounded with massive amounts of uncertainty and fear surrounding Covid and polarity surrounding the election. For most people, this combination has been too much many times over.

When life is too much over and over again, it can start to shift our Nervous System to “survival mode.”

If we fail to notice, or if we are not willing to acknowledge that we are overwhelmed, it is easy for our subconscious or auto pilot to become stuck in survival mode. It is at this point that people tend to stop doing their healthy habits and default back to old bad habits. Once healthy habits stop, forward healthy momentum will slow and eventually stop before beginning to slip backwards.

If we are able to realize when we are overwhelmed, and we are able to acknowledge it, it becomes much easier for us to accept it.

Sometimes this magic formula of AAA (aware, acknowledge, and accept) is enough to let you feel and process everything in real time. This allows your nervous system to dissipate the extra energy instead of storing it as stress.

Other times, action is needed after AAA’ing. Some great action steps include:

Kick starting healthy habits even when you don’t want to.

Doing something that makes you happy.

Workout (vigorous if you can)

Increase meditation time and/or frequency

GET ENTRAINED!!! Not only will getting Network entrainments help to instantly shift your body out of stress, but it will also help shift your brain function back to where it is easy and enjoyable to do our healthy habits! Our habits help determine our long-term health.

Energy poor and energy neutral- what to do

I taught a Network Seminar this weekend in Dallas, TX (March 2021), and it made me realize where I can be more efficient in the office. Look for faster and more effective care this week:)

Do you ever have periods of energy neutrality or energy poorness? We all have them and they are a normal part of life.

During energy poor periods, there is an opportunity to discover and grow.

Neutral periods are appropriate when you are resting or in-between energy rich periods.

Essentialy, we have to go through periods of energy poorness as a part of life and growth. Since there is no choice about it, it is better to AAA (be Aware, Acknowledge, and Accept without judgement) than to resist. The acceptance of what is, in the now, will allow your nervous system to get areal picture of what is going on and adapt and adjust accordingly.

AAA is crucial, AND there are times when you want to consciously raise your energy state. Here are a few ways:

To go from poor to neutral: Physical activity is great here. Jumping up and down and laughing or hooting and hollering can take you to high neutral.

Focusing on Gratitude or Love will bring super rich energy into whatever you are doing. This would bring poor to neutral or neutral rich.

Using your correct Triad of Change will help you consistently go from neutral to rich. This is a formula Donny Epstein came up with that focuses on the relationships between energy, perceptions, structures, and behaviors. Like all things Donny creates, it is very simple on the surface and incredibly complex once you dive in. I will do my best give an overview of this soon.

Emotions and immune function

Donny talks about the relationship between your emotions and immune system. He basically says that if there is too much or too little energy in the emotional system it will effect the immune system by either spilling over into it or leaching from it. Either creates an incoherent state where the immune system is either over or under functioning,

Not being aware or acknowledging emotions can lead to too little energy in the emotional system. This is similar burying your head in the sand to make your problems go away.

Not accepting emotions you are aware of, is how you can have too much energy in the emotional system.

Emotions have been high for everyone during these last two years. How are you doing at being Aware, Acknowledging AND Accepting them?

Network entrainments help you automatically process emotional energy/stress.

Acceptance in Layers

Sometimes things are too big to accept all at once. When this happens, you can accept things in layers. (these things can be current or past stresses/life events)

The key to this is to accept whatever comes up (pain, emotions, thoughts) as it comes up without the expectation that this acceptance will be a cure for all of your ails. There will often be another layer.

Emotions can have a corresponding physical pain. Sometimes it is easier to AAA the physical pain first – this can help make it easier to be with and AAA the underlying emotion. 

Everyone’s layer cake is a unique mix emotions and physical pain, Some people have more emotions and others more physical pain. Do your best to AAA whatever comes up. Also be sure to give yourself grace if you are unable to accept something- you will probably get another chance soon.

Eyes open or closed during an entrainment?

Should you keep your eyes open or shut during an entrainment?

The answer is- keep them shut.
Your eyes are the source of about 80% of your sensory input. When you shut your eyes, you are cutting out this extra information so it is easier to be aware of your breath, energy in or around your body or the movement of your body. Remeber awarnessis the first A in AAA. Aware, Acknowledge, Accept.