One of the cool benefits of Network care is increased self awareness. As you have more awareness, you might find that you have habits that no longer serve you or that you have outgrown.

Sometimes we keep habits even after they no longer serve us because habits are automatic. They from with repetition over time in response to certain environmental stimulus. When these stimuli show up, we respond without thinking or using our rational mind.

Sometimes we are able to stop ineffective or harmful habits by sheer will once we are aware of them, other times it can be more of a process. Either way, changing habits is a great way to grow.

Here are 2 tips on forming new habits from the book, Atomic Habits.

Try habit stacking- add a new habit onto an old habit that still works for you. Every time you do x, you also now do y. A real life example is that I have started spraying and wiping the counters and stovetop after I do the dishes. Doing the dishes is my stimulus which makes it far easier to remember to spray and wipe the counters and stove.

To from a new habit, look for high repetitions and not perfection. We must do the new intended habit over and over. We must make mistakes and not judge ourselves while we are learning.

As Whitney Cummings said, “Perfectionism leads to procrastination, which leads to paralysis.”