Network Spinal and Headaches

This is a great video I came across last night discussing 3 common headaches types and how to alleviate them using acupressure. Acupressure is a great way to help yourself when secondary conditions come up and work great in conjunction with Network Spinal Analysis.

The video goes into a general overview of the cause of three types of headaches. It describes each type of headache and tells us what might cause or trigger each one as well. The video states that these types of headaches can be triggered by things like sensory stimulus, tension, weather changes, stress, and muscle strain. What I noticed while I was watching was that many of these of these are just another way of describing a Central Nervous System that is unable to adapt to change effectively.

Network Spinal Analysis, soon to be rebranded Network Spinal, can help people suffering from headaches by upgrading their Human Operating System (CNS). A better functioning operating system will allow for quicker and easier adaptation to stresses resulting in fewer secondary conditions such as headaches. Below are the types of headaches featured in the video and how NSA helps with each of them.

Tension headache
Improve the health and integrity of your spine and Central Nervous System.
Upgrade human operating system
Reduce tension
Improve structure of spine and behavior of postural muscles.

Migraine headache
Help your nervous system adapt to changes faster and easier.
Reduces stress
Upgrade human operating system
Improve health and integrity of spine and central nervous system

Sinus headache
Help your immune system function properly
Upgrade human operating system
Improve health and integrity of spine and central nervous system

DR’s Homer and Sarah Johnson have been providing Network care to the Dallas since 2011. Contact Next Level Chiropractic to learn more. We hope you have enjoyed this article and video!


Hi! I’m Allison, the newest member of the Next Level Chiropractic family. Through my blog posts, you’ll get a peek into the inner workings of my mind and the topics that are near and dear to my heart. Thank you so much to Dr. Homer and Sarah for welcoming me with open arms, and for giving me free reign to be creative and raw through these blogs!

Self-Liberation from our Conditioning
Where do our opinions, our biases, and even our dogmas come from? And do we take the time to think about these kinds of concepts…to analyze our structure, or lack thereof when forming opinions or making decisions? How much of what and how we think comes from our conditioning?
Condition-to have a significant influence on or determine (the manner or outcome of something)
To make this topic relatable, I’d like to use myself as an example. For the first half of my childhood, my mother was married to a man with a very dominant personality and alcoholic tendencies. He was very much the type of person who tried to control the people around him to feel secure within himself, even if he had to inflict fear to do so. My mother, my sister and I were malleable in his hands, bending to his commands to keep the peace. My sister and I weren’t exactly raised by him to be confident, compassionate girls, encouraged to follow our dreams. Additionally, my family moved a lot and didn’t settle until I was 12. I was a flower being blown whichever way the wind chose; I was adaptable. I grew into a very soft spoken, shy young woman with more focus on survival than actually being someone. I didn’t know that my way of thinking was unhealthy. I didn’t know who I was, what my interests were, what I wanted to be when I grew up, or what kind of impact I wanted to make on the world. Attention from people terrified me, I much preferred to adapt to my surroundings than stand out from them.
Liberation- the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release
It has taken me a long time to realize that I am someone; someone who is not small, someone with aspirations, someone who wants to make an impact on the world, someone worth knowing, and someone worth loving. Once we take a step back from the small scope out of which we view life, we can be liberated from our conditioning. I encourage everyone reading this to recognize and question their habitual trains of thought. Do you truly feel that way or are these feelings brought on by the conditioning of family and/or social constructs. We are so much more than we can even comprehend, and we must free ourselves from the judgement of others and sometimes ourselves, to fulfill that being.
Allison Markee

Counteract sitting: Guest speaker Josh Amora

What a great class we had with Body Mechanic Josh Amora this month!

Some of the highlights were:

Hold each stretch for at least 2 minutes!

When adding up the hours you sit, don’t forget driving and eating!!

Taking into account how many hours you sit, make sure you are stretching multiple times throughout the day. If you are sitting for 12 hours stretching for 2 minutes is not going to cut it.

Here is the video of the class and link to his website.

All the best,
Your Next Level team
Dallas’s premier source for Network Spinal Analysis

Do you sit on your wallet? Don’t contribute to your shift

At Next Level Chiropractic we check for and correct NeuroStructral shifts. That is a fancy way to say we check to see if the foundation of your body (your spine), has shifted due to a shift in your Nervous system (electrical system). You can find out more information about NeuroStructral shifts here. Shifts in your spine affect your whole body just as shift in the foundation of your house will affect the whole house. We specially check for and correct both A-P (front to back) shifts as well as lateral shifts in your spine.

In a lateral shift your pelvis or hips will be misaligned causing a high hip on one side and low hip on the other side. This might give you the appearance of one leg being shorter than the other or give you chronic low back pain with or without pain in your gluteus and down your leg. One of the ways we measure and evaluate for lateral shifts is by checking to see if you carry your weight evenly on both legs. Often times people initially have weight balance discrepancies in the 10-15 lbs range and not be able to feel it. If you can imagine the extra wear and tear that happens if your car is out of alignment, you can imagine the extra wear and tear on your body that a lateral shift can cause over time.
When you sit on your wallet or phone you are essentially inducing a lateral shift in your spine. Over time, the repetitive stress of basically sitting on a wedge will induce a more permeant shift in your spine that will stay even after you are no longer on the wedge/ wallet. This happens as the muscles of your lower body being to tighten and adapt to this new structure.

We recommend keeping your wallet in your front pocket and taking it out of your pockets when you are driving or at work. Life has enough stress to throw at us without us consciously contributing to our shift. We hope this helps and wish you the best.

Homer and Sarah
Dallas’s premier Network Spinal Analysis practitioners

Three words to make your relatonship better

Tell me more. These simple 3 words are more powerful than you can imagine and can make almost every relationship better. We got this advice form a mentor when Sarah and I were just starting to date and it has served us well ever since.

Guys: it turns out that our ladies DO NOT want us to fix their problems even if there seems to be an easy solution to us. Most of the time they simply want us to say “tell me more” and then listen to what they have to say. Vocalizing their thoughts and emotions is often enough to make a dramatic shift in their state and they will come to their own solution easier after emoting and being able to tell the whole story. Often times you will find the initial problem you were trying to “fix” was not the real issue at all. The hilarious “There is a nail in your head” video is a great comedic example of this. If you have not seen the video, here is a link.Video link

Ladies: As guys, we are hard wired to “fix it” so in general, it takes us time and repetition to get this down. It is helpful to remind your partner that you are not looking for a solution and instead are looking for connection. Also sometimes the roles are switched here. Sometimes we guys also need to hear tell me more as well. These times are great for each partner to experience the others partners normal perspective in the relationship.

Here at Next Level Chiropractic, we take a similar approach when working with your nervous system. With Network care, there are definitely times when a “tell me more” approach is the best approach. This allows your nervous system to fully express itself and get to the root cause of issues before we “fix anything”. We invite u to give the “tell me more” approach a try in your own relationships and please let us know how it goes
Homer and Sarah
Nail video

Our Commitment To Our Patients

If you have been coming to see us for a while, you might have noticed that we have traveled more in the past year than in the previous years.  If you are new with us or not under Network care, we would like to give you a sneak peek at our level of dedication to be the best. Our travel has been almost exclusively to improve our skill sets in Network Spinal Analysis and for our own healing with normal exceptions such as Christmas and such. In the last 15 months, both Dr. Sarah Johnson and Dr. Homer Johnson have been to a Basic Level Intensive, Level 2 seminar, Level 3 seminar, 4 Transformational Gates, a Donny Premier Program and have enrolled in a 1 year Master –E program with Dr. Donny Epstein as well as taking the hands on level 3 certification again with Dr. Donny Epstein. The level 3 testing is no longer being done by Dr. Epstein personally.

All of the educational courses expect for Master –E were refresher courses as both Dr. Johnsons have attended at least 5 of each: the basic care , level 2, and level 3 seminars over the last 6 years, as well as a handful of “hands on” seminars for each level as well.

Master-E is an exclusive program offered to level 3 certified practitioners only.  We have included some more information about the program at the end of this blog.

Our commitment is to be the best Network practitioners possible. That means we are not slowing down this year. In fact we leave February 10th for our second hands on intensive, with Dr. Donny for Master-E, in 8 months. We are also signed up for Donny’s premier program, the AWE in April.  We absolutely love what we do and strive to continually improve so we can deliver the best life changing care possible for our patients.

And now a few words from Donny about the Master –E program (taken from the wise world seminars page):


Be a part of an exclusive group accepted participating in the 12 month Master-E program.

Train and learn with Donald Epstein PERSONALLY, directly, virtually and asynchronously.

Experience a program designed to take you to a radically advanced and evolved level of Mastery-E, learning applications never before taught.

Explore unchartered territory in what is possible when serving people and increasing demand for your gifts as a Master beyond just your technique or professional title.

Study with globally recognized experts in various disciplines such as leadership, consciousness, medicine, biology and physics, practice development, community, strategic alliances and more.

Be a part of a group of diverse and energy-rich leaders committed to redefining what is possible in the world.

Be challenged and accountable.  Live and work the fundamental teachings of Reorganizational Living and the Epstein Technologies to deepen and expand your life experience.”

Next Level Chiropractic- 2017 1st quarter health talks

Fundamentals of Network Spinal Analysis-Friday January 27th at 6:30pm

DRS. Homer and Sarah Johnson will explain the basics of NSA, a light force chiropractic technique based on the original premise of chiropractic which is tone. This talk will include an overview of the seasons of wellbeing, levels of care, energy states, spinal gateways and contacts, demonstrations and explanation of the 2 unique waves developed in care, as well as outcomes and much more.


Master the Network Experience– Sunday, March 19th at 3pm

At the second talk of the year we will go into more detail about the relationship between energy states, seasons and how you are living your life. We will look at the different phases and how they affect your outlook. We will explore the triad of change in multiple ways. We will look at the relationship between your experiences on the table and your triad as well how your triad affects how you handle change in life. More depth will be given to topics discussed in the first talk as well as more in depth demonstrations. These demonstrations will include focal points for you to focus on during your entrainments to maximize your results


Pain and Network Spinal Analysis– Fridays, May 12th at 6:30pm

This talk will focus on pain. Pain is almost always a signal from our body that we need to change something. As a society we need to learn to listen and learn from our pain instead of covering it up. Did you know that there are multiple different types of pain with varying degrees of severity? Did you also know that traditional treatments for pain typically only focus on one type of pain and that is usually one of the lower two levels. If treatment for your pain is not working, are you sure you are using the right type of treatment for your type of pain? Come explore the different types of pain with us and learn different ways to deal with different types of pain.


Network Research in 1st place

Network Spinal Analysis is on the rise in the research world. This is the technique that DR’s Homer and Sarah Johnson specialize in here in Dallas, TX at Next Level Chiropractic. In fact, the article,” The Network Wave as a Central Pattern Generator”   published in the July 2016 version of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, is the most read article in the Journal for the last 12 months according to Mary Ann Liebert inc publishers. This ground breaking research performed by Electrical Engineering students at the University of Southern California was also published by Science Direct. One of the researchers involved in the ongoing research,  Srideep Mussvathy , sums up the Network experience as,” I am not a network Doc. But here is what I would say. Network care helps increase the efficiency of the body system (body, mind, etc.) process information and utilize energy. This is the general objective…”

At Next Level Chiropractic we focus on the integrity of the NeuroStructral system and the Enhancement of the Human Experience not just reduction in secondary conditions or symptoms.  This means not only feeling better but also functioning, interacting and healing better.

Give us a call to setup your free consultation today!

You can find the full body of Network Spinal Analysis research by clicking this link Network research.

170th Transformational Gate is up – Dec 2-4 2016 in San Fransisco

Ask us for more information or to see of you are ready to give your life and healing a speed boost!

Seasons of wellbeing: Discover, Transform, Awaken, and Intergrate

There are four sacred seasons of wellbeing related to Network Spinal Analysis that we go through in life. They are as follows:


  1. Discover –In Network Chiropractic care, discover is about connecting to and releasing tension from our body leading to improved spinal and neural integrity. The Season of Discover refers to periods in your life when you are primarily being driven by fear and reaction or by the need for security or safety, especially when life circumstances appear to be changing rapidly. Whenever you feel disempowered, disconnected or somehow limited in your ability to live and enjoy life you are in the Season of Discover.
  2. Transform is the season of change. In Network Chiropractic care, your body/ nervous system will begin to develop new strategies for both releasing stress and also begin to re organize.  The Season of Transform refers to periods in your life when you are primarily being driven by momentum that turns what previously seemed like problems into opportunities, goals, and reasons for deliberate action. Whenever you find yourself seeking autonomy, redefining who you are through empowered actions, and dissolving your attachments to any ideas, concepts, memories, and stories which had been limiting you, you are in the Season of Transform.
  3. Awaken – The Season of Awaken refers to periods in your life when you are primarily being compelled by an expanded, conscious and awakened perspective or sense of interdependence and interconnection. Whenever you are experiencing effortless being and knowing, and a deep authentic feeling of gratitude, awe, amazement, love, and benevolence, or you are called to selflessly give love, contribute to or serve others, you are in the Season of Awaken. In Network Chiropractic care, you will experience more opening and natural extension of the spine.
  4. Integrate – The Season of Integrate refers to a way of living your life based on an ability to consciously choose elements of the various Seasons, energies and types of intelligence that you are going to use, considering the resources that you have available, your current level of resourcefulness, your unique style, and the ways that you want to experience reality and share your gifts.

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